Sep 09

As predicted, Apple has released the iPhone 3.1 software update. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the update at the Yerba Buena Center. The software includes a couple of new features and bug fixes.

One of the best improvements is Apples’s extension of the Genius media-recommendation algorithm to iPhone applications. It basically looks at all the apps you own and makes recommendations based on that information.

Another great new feature is its improved ringtone capability, allowing you to download more than 30,000 ringtones from all major labels. This is done via the new iPhone’s Ringtone iTunes application.

iPhone 3.1 is free and is now available for download.

Sep 09

iPhone 3G PSD

Jun 08

Well…for all those rocking iPhones, or or those who will be buying a new iPhone 3G s…This is for you.

The new iPhone 3.0 will sport some great new Safari features

  1. Autofill forms (it’s about freaking time)
  2. Javascript will be much, much faster
  3. Streaming audio and Video via Quicktime’s dark forces (actually it’s XHTML’s dark forces; Engadget is calling this X- style HTML, Apple has a funny way of “renaming,” so I’m pretty sure this is just XHTML)
  4. HTML 5 Support (audio/video tags)

I for one do not use an iPhone, but the new one has got some amazing features, and some that have been a long time coming (MMS, a camera better than the Fisher Price digital camera for kids…etc.)

So it seems that Apple won’t be loosing there market anytime soon, and I’m sure customers will be increasingly happy with the new features.  We just have to figure out how to get Coverflow for your browsing history on the iPhone.  Now that would be sweet…

The iPhone pretty much devours all the other news that drops at WWDC, and Engadget is my favorite place to get all the news at.  Check out Engadget’s coverage here

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Jun 08

Out of Beta folks!

Safari 4 has now dropped for the masses.  Obviously, Apple WWDC will explain all the latest and greatest so lets give you the quick n’ dirty rundown:

  1. fast, fast, fast
  2. ability to kill off a plugin without crashing the browser
  3. history via coverflow, more polished than beta (this hasn’t been tested yet by me)

download here

I haven’t got a link for the WWDC Keynote- if you’ve got iTunes its free and legal; bittorrent,  it’s at least still free…

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May 28

Just read this over at

NaOH-Lye over at macosxhints has an Applescript executable via keyboard (with a program like Butler or Keyboard Maestro) to reload Safari tabs a little faster…No, this isn’t earth shattering, but it does provide Script-junkies

a little refresh love for Safari.

tell application "Safari"
  set sameURL to URL of tab 1 of front window
  set URL of tab 1 of front window to sameURL
end tell

full article here

This works on Safari Beta 4 and Safari 3

May 27

I never actually used this feature, but if anyone likes to jump to the beginning or end of their search box by using the arrow keys, you still have the option.  Just use the Command + Arrow keys to move from the front of the search box or the back.

More shortcuts can be found from Macworld article here.

via Macworld

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May 22


Many many versions of Safari ago, I used a handy little plugin (well, it’s a whole lotta plugins from one dev), called Saft.  Saft is extensible as it gets, covering just about every feature that someone would want from Firefox’s add-ons ability, for instance, in Safari.  I really enjoyed the ad blocking features, kiosk mode (for the house guests) etc.

Many downloads and installs later, I have all but forgotten about it.  But, lately I’ve been thinking about quality content to bring to, so I’ve done some searching.

Lo and behold, I found Saft!  I believe I’ve found the actual dev’s site too, not just a link from versiontracker.  As I attempt to contact the dev, and make a permanent home for Saft in our plugins section, you can download Saft here.

For those of you that have never had Saft installed, or are just curious about it’s features, here’s the rundown.

Saft is available for Mac OS X only (But there is a version for just about every OS X, support for outdated versions is obviously limited)

Feature list:

  • Ad/banner blocking with simple URL pattern matching
  • Add bookmark folder here and add bookmark here in every bookmark menus
  • Always open browser window in tab
  • Auto hide Downloads window
  • Auto save and restore opened browser windows at quitting and start
  • AutoComplete always on
  • Block animation
  • Block HTML refreshing in front-most browser
  • Block images and plugins
  • Bookmark search
  • Bookmark this group of tabs
  • Consolidate browser windows
  • Control-1 to 9 to popup bookmark menu or open bookmark
  • Control-drag page
  • Crash protection
  • Create dated folder for downloaded files
  • Customizable HTTP timeout
  • Customized Google search field
  • Do not allow scripts to bring tab to front
  • Drag tab buttons to add the URL string to other applications
  • Enter/ctrl-enter to go to next/previous links (like in Google)
  • Export Selected Bookmarks
  • Extended search from contextual menu
  • External text editor support for TextArea
  • Fix for Frame Creation Attack
  • Fix for Safari AutoFill Information Disclosure
  • Focus the last selected tab when closing the current one
  • Full-screen browsing
  • Google Safe Browsing
  • Growl support
  • History search
  • Install debug menu
  • Kiosk mode
  • Max screen for normal browser windows
  • Modified “Open in Tabs”
  • One-page PDF export
  • Open tab in new window
  • Option to use Aqua interface
  • Original URLs in Spotlight comments of downloaded files, exported PDFs and saved pages
  • Plain copy
  • Print All
  • Reload All Tabs
  • Reversed tab order
  • Save and load browser windows
  • Save tabs and save all
  • Separator in bookmark menu
  • Shortcut for Look Up in Dictionary
  • Sidebar
  • Sort bookmarks in every bookmark menus
  • Stop download warnings
  • Tab rearranging with drag and drop
  • Tab search
  • Tab thumbnails
  • Type-ahead searching
  • Undo support for closing tab and closing other tabs
  • Undo support in TextField
  • URL shortcuts
  • URL traverse with return-key
  • Work-around of click-through bug in WebKit

Obviously this is worth a try, so I highly encourage to try it in Safari Beta 4.  Keep in mind that all previous versions will need to be removed before attempting to install this version.  More on installation can be found directly from the Saft page.

May 22

Google Chrome moved that beta version’s options from back in March into a stable version just yesterday.  For the most part, these changes should be more of a polishing to Chrome’s features, and add some stability to the browser overall.

Chrome’s Tabbed Browsing gets some privacy

-Full Screen Mode similar to Firefox

-Speed Boost via V8 Java Engine

Overall, Chrome is really turning out to be a great browser, too bad it’s lacking on OS X or Linux for the time being (at least officially).  Apple users or Linux users will need to use Wine or CodeWeavers port for free!

Check out the video

Learn more about Google’s Chrome Browser

May 21

no-java1Okay so maybe not save but Macworld’s editor Rob Griffith points out that disabling Java may be the only way to save your Mac from a completely apparent Java script exploit.  Apparently this has much less to do with Safari, than does the fact that it’s OS X that desperately needs the fix.  So, while there are plenty of ways to secure your browser, no matter which one you choose, OS X contains the Java exploit that doesn’t even need you to click on a harmful link, it just needs the Java exploit coded into the page.  Pretty scary that Apple lets these things go for months at a time.

Apple, you’re gaining market share and have Safari running on OS X, Windows, the iPhone, and iPod touch…please start fixing security problems as fast as you update iTunes and break iPhone jailbreaks!

Actual Java exploit found by Sami Kovu explained

Macworld’s Rob Griffith writes on how to disable Java in your browser

(Hint, go to the browser’s preferences)

May 16

So we all know and have heard of MobileMe…the extremely pricey, extremely limited storage and sync solution by Apple.  Well, how about syncing your Safari bookmarks, history, and preferences- all without paying Apple?  Thanks to Dropbox, you can!

I would assume all machines have to running the same version of Safari, otherwise, chaos may arise…

Get a Dropbox account here

Move the folder ~/Library/Safari into your Dropbox

Symbolic link so Safari doesn’t act like a retarded stepchild

     ln -s ~/Dropbox/Safari ~/Library/Safari

Keep in mind this isn’t for people who don’t want sensitive data spread across all machines who can access their Dropbox account.

Original Dropbox wiki article (with other hints) here

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