Jun 08

Out of Beta folks!

Safari 4 has now dropped for the masses.  Obviously, Apple WWDC will explain all the latest and greatest so lets give you the quick n’ dirty rundown:

  1. fast, fast, fast
  2. ability to kill off a plugin without crashing the browser
  3. history via coverflow, more polished than beta (this hasn’t been tested yet by me)

download here

I haven’t got a link for the WWDC Keynote- if you’ve got iTunes its free and legal; bittorrent,  it’s at least still free…

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May 27

I never actually used this feature, but if anyone likes to jump to the beginning or end of their search box by using the arrow keys, you still have the option.  Just use the Command + Arrow keys to move from the front of the search box or the back.

More shortcuts can be found from Macworld article here.

via Macworld

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