Jun 08

Well…for all those rocking iPhones, or or those who will be buying a new iPhone 3G s…This is for you.

The new iPhone 3.0 will sport some great new Safari features

  1. Autofill forms (it’s about freaking time)
  2. Javascript will be much, much faster
  3. Streaming audio and Video via Quicktime’s dark forces (actually it’s XHTML’s dark forces; Engadget is calling this X- style HTML, Apple has a funny way of “renaming,” so I’m pretty sure this is just XHTML)
  4. HTML 5 Support (audio/video tags)

I for one do not use an iPhone, but the new one has got some amazing features, and some that have been a long time coming (MMS, a camera better than the Fisher Price digital camera for kids…etc.)

So it seems that Apple won’t be loosing there market anytime soon, and I’m sure customers will be increasingly happy with the new features.  We just have to figure out how to get Coverflow for your browsing history on the iPhone.  Now that would be sweet…

The iPhone pretty much devours all the other news that drops at WWDC, and Engadget is my favorite place to get all the news at.  Check out Engadget’s coverage here

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Jun 08

Out of Beta folks!

Safari 4 has now dropped for the masses.  Obviously, Apple WWDC will explain all the latest and greatest so lets give you the quick n’ dirty rundown:

  1. fast, fast, fast
  2. ability to kill off a plugin without crashing the browser
  3. history via coverflow, more polished than beta (this hasn’t been tested yet by me)

download here

I haven’t got a link for the WWDC Keynote- if you’ve got iTunes its free and legal; bittorrent,  it’s at least still free…

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